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Inclusive development – Dr. Satish Chandra

[Hindi / English]
– Roti (Food)
– Kapada (Clothing)
– Ma’Khan (Shelter)
– Soochana (Information)
– Krshi (Agriculture)
– Svaasthy (Health)

– Shiksha (Education)

In 1994 Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi introduced a constitutional reform of political constitution (art. 74,75) to being apllying descentraised planning. This methodology aims to increase the participation of citizens in policies and develpment planning.

In 2005,  parlament approved the Right to Information Act that brings to the citizens a tool for social aditory and forces institutions to release quality information to citizens about the profit that government invests in development.


In  2012-2017 India’s development plan  are about 17 flag programs  for development focusing in strategies acoording to Millenium Development Goals, that has to be updated to Sustainable Development Goals.

This strategies aims to alliviate most urgent needs for Below Poverty Line families in all world have in India a list of programmes that provide infrastructure for human development and a decent life.


Some of these programs are:

  • Social security: NRLM
  • Watershed Deveolpment Programme for increasing productivity. It is related with the IWMP mentioned in the link.
  • Housing to Below Poverty Line families (IAY)
  • Rural connectivity (PMGSY)
  • Provisioning of drinking water (NRDWP)
  • Sanitation (TSC)
  • Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
  • Chatishgar  -> Backward Region Grand Fund (BRGF)  – Focussed in apply a differential approach to nomad tribes in far north India, trying to improve their productivity respecting their lifestyle.
  • Budget for Rural Development programmes in 11th five year plan (2007-2001) Rs. 2976,83 Crore (millions of rupies)

Budget of Rural Development programmes in 11th five year plan (2007-2011) was Rs. $ 297.683 crore (millions of rupies).

Annual budget of RD programmes is Rs.$60.000-70.000, 25% of total central plan budget

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Right To Information Act (2005)