Data centres and cloud computing

This post unifies the sessions of the international course on ICT for rural development that focussed in cloud computing and data centres. Those sessions wher hosted at the NIRD in Hyderabad and in Bangalore at the C-DAC office.

Datacentre & cloud computing

Technical considerations and basis


Introduction about the structure of the data networking C

Some of the concepts





Storage capacity

DAS: Direct attached storage

Kb = 10 a la 3

MB = 10 a la 6

GB = 10 a la 9

TB = 10 a la 12

NAS: Shared Network

PetaBytes = 10 ala 15

Exabytes = 10 a la 18

SAN: Storage Area Network

Big Data

Aplications of Data Centre Objectives

– Provide applications and G2G (Government to government)


G2C (Government to citizen)

CAPEX: Capital expenditure. You

100 Kg of weight in a mt2 must be the load bearing

Which frecuencies can you use?

There are certain bands which are restricted and others that are free.

Available bands:

3 – 30 MHZ – HF

30 MHZ – 300 VHD

300 MHZ – 3GHZ UHF

3 – 30 GHZ TQHC

1 – 3 GHZ are free


C-DAC Bangalore – Visit to super computer Param Padma